Believe Limited Premieres Exclusive Look at the Making of “Bombardier Blood,” Its Forthcoming Documentary Featuring Chris Bombardier’s Summit of Mount Everest at the Center of a Greater Story on Hemophilia and Treatment

Chicago, IL (8/25/2017) - During the National Hemophilia Foundation’s Annual Meeting, Believe Limited CEO and filmmaker Patrick James Lynch premiered “The Making Of Bombardier Blood,” the first glimpse of his company's documentary following mountaineer Chris Bombardier as he becomes the first person with severe hemophilia to summit Mount Everest.

The documentary, produced in collaboration with the international nonprofit organization Save One Life, also follows Bombardier as he meets hemophilia community members and families in Nepal. The interactions vividly demonstrate the severe disparity in care and quality of life for people with hemophilia in developed versus developing countries.

Bombardier, a board member of Save One Life, is driven to highlight this imbalance. “Everest lies within Nepal's borders, but the people with bleeding disorders there are unable to dream about climbing,” said the 31-year-old Denver, Colorado-native. “They lack the treatment that would enable them to climb. Most are lucky to live into their 20s and even those few years are full of painful untreated bleeds and constant challenges.”

Bombardier approached Lynch, an actor and filmmaker living with severe hemophilia A, in early 2016 to gauge his interest in a documentary about Chris’ journey up the world’s tallest mountain. “Chris' summit of Mount Everest is quite literally trailblazing. It's proof that hemophilia does not define anyone; it's the access to sustainable, predictable treatment for hemophilia that defines us,” said Lynch. “We want this film to simultaneously profile the possibilities people with hemophilia have with access to treatment and the grim reality of what life looks like without it.”

The documentary was made possible by the generous support of Octapharma, a privately-owned global human proteins manufacturer. “We are determined to help patients maximize their quality of life,” stated Octapharma USA President Flemming Nielsen in a separate press release. “While not everyone can climb Mount Everest, with the right support, we hope that most patients can enjoy a healthy life, one without limits.”

“The Making of Bombardier Blood” is now available on BombardierBlood.com. Production on Bombardier Blood will continue throughout 2017 and the film is slated for release in 2018. Bombardier is currently seeking sponsorship to climb Mt Vinson in Antarctica this December, his final remaining to become one of less than 300 people to ever complete the Seven Summits.