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For the past six years I have been on an incredible journey to climb the Seven Summits, the highest mountains on each of the seven continents. I have completed five to date and although I’ve been denied access to Mt. Vinson in Antarctica due to my hemophilia--for now--I am pleased to announce that the journey is continuing... this time to the highest peak on earth, Mt. Everest!

I have dreamed of this climb for years and am so excited that this dream is becoming a reality. What will make this climb even more special is a partnership between Patrick James Lynch's production company Believe Limited and me to capture my climb and journey in Nepal for the purposes of creating a documentary feature film and online video series!

Everest lies within Nepal's borders, but the people with bleeding disorders there are unable to dream about climbing, like me. They lack the treatment that would enable them to climb. Most are lucky to live into their 20s and even those few years are full of painful untreated bleeds and constant challenges. With Believe Limited, we hope to highlight the drastic disparity in care between people with hemophilia in developing countries versus developed countries.

Our ultimate goal with this film and video series is to bring awareness of hemophilia to the general population and to advocate for continued efforts to lessen the disparity in care faced by those around the world without access to treatment.

We wouldn't be able to complete this project without the assistance from Octapharma. Octapharma, a Swiss-based company, is the manufacturer of NUWIQ™ for hemophilia A and WILATE™ for von Willebrand disease (VWD) in the US. Octapharma’s charitable donation, support, and encouragement will not only help us produce this documentary film and online video series, but they have also helped us contribute $30,000 to Save One Life! Save One Life is a non-profit organization for which I have served on the board of directors for six years. It helps support children and adults with hemophilia in developing countries. And in fact, Octapharma is one of Save One Life’s biggest corporate donors.

I'm so excited to share this journey with you all, so please follow my page for updates as we get closer to the climb! I also want to give a special thanks to Laurie Kelley, president of LA Kelley Communications and founder of Save One Life, for always believing in this wild dream and helping to support these climbs. I also have to thank my wife Jessica and my family for all their support!

- Chris Bombardier 

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As a filmmaker living with hemophilia, I can't think of a more inspiring project to be working on than Bombardier Blood. Chris, as our protagonist, is a dream subject: he's sincere, empathic, and super hard-working. He's also keenly aware that without access to the medicine he takes to treat his hemophilia, not only would climbing Mt. Everest be completely out of the question, he most likely wouldn't be alive today. That's the grim reality for 70% of people with hemophilia worldwide. Chris, as the first person with hemophilia to climb Mt. Everest, wants to use this historic moment to not only profile what is possible while having hemophilia but he also wants to spotlight the Nepalese hemophilia community as an example of what life with hemophilia is like for those without access to medicine or care. That makes this project uniquely captivating to me, as a filmmaker with hemophilia. It's a privilege and an honor for Believe LTD to be working with Chris on telling this remarkable and complex story.

- Patrick James Lynch, Director