Experienced mountaineer Chris Bombardier has never let severe hemophilia B stop him from summitting some of the world’s tallest mountains. In 2017, Chris partnered with the WEBBY-Award winning production team at Believe Limited to film his journey through Nepal to summit the world’s tallest peak, Mount Everest.

Filming covered the six-month training period leading up to Chris’s journey, and individual interviews with Nepalese hemophilia community members en route to Everest. Believe’s lead producer Rob Bradford followed Chris to Everest Base Camp, and remained there to film and manage production for the duration of Chris’s time on Everest. Chris recorded his summit push on specially designed cameras, logging his journey and eventual summit of Everest.

The film showcases Chris’s ability to surmount near-impossible odds despite his hemophilia, proving the potential of each person with hemophilia to achieve their dreams with lifelong access to proper healthcare.

In Nepal - as in many developing nations - there is no routine access to healthcare and lifesaving medicine. The film will also raise global awareness for the deeply disadvantaged Nepalese hemophilia community, which suffers this lack of access and from the 2015 earthquake that devastated their nation. 

In Nepal, Chris, Save One Life and the Believe team:

  • Interviewed local hemophilia families about their treatment and care, their victories and defeats, and their everyday needs.

  • Captured how untreated bleeds affect patients’ daily lives.

  • Interviewed doctors, nurses and advocates about challenges to treating patients.

  • Captured Chris’s reactions to witnessing and sharing life in Nepal with a bleeding disorder.

  • Captured Chris’s ongoing training and preparation for Everest.

  • Visited families enrolled in Save One Life’s programs.

On Everest, Chris:

  • Battled fatigue, altitude and terrain.

  • Infused intravenous blood-clotting medicine.

  • Documented the effects that high altitude mountaineering has on the body of someone with hemophilia.

  • Reflected on his visit with the Nepalese hemophilia community and the disparity between his care and theirs.

  • Attempted to summit the world’s tallest peak despite having a bleeding disorder.'

This extraordinary journey will be brought to the US bleeding disorders community in early 2019 and will be subsequently distributed worldwide.