Colorado-based Mountaineer Chris Bombardier has never let hemophilia stop him from climbing some of the world’s tallest mountains. In 2017, Chris partnered with hemophiliac filmmaker Patrick James Lynch and his award-winning production team at Believe Limited to film his journey through Nepal to summit the world’s tallest peak, Mount Everest.

In his home state of Colorado, filming captured Chris's training, interviews with Chris, his wife and family, and his hemophilia clinicians. In Nepal, production followed Chris to meetings with Nepalese hemophilia advocates and clinicians as well as to the homes of patients and families affected by the disease, where Chris heard the emotional stories of pain, suffering, and loss related to hemophilia. Production remained with Chris during his two months on Everest, capturing both the physical, psychological, and emotional struggle of acclimating to the mountain and preparing for the greatest challenge of his life, all with the eyes of the global hemophilia community watching.

Leveraging powerful archival footage, the film also chronicles Chris's incredible six-year journey of climbing the Seven Summits, the highest mountain on each continent, during which he receives his "wake-up call" about hemophilia in developing countries and begins his activist mission.

In Nepal, as in nearly all developing nations, there is no routine access to healthcare and lifesaving medicine for people suffering from hemophilia. Bombardier Blood is an inspiring and heart-warming adventure film that cinematically highlights both what is and is not possible when living with this rare disease, depending on a patient's access to medicine and care.

In Nepal, Chris, Save One Life and the Believe team:

• Local hemophilia families sharing their treatment and care, victories and defeats, and their extraordinary day-to-day challenges;

• How untreated bleeds affect patients’ daily lives;

• Dedicated doctors, nurses and advocates discussing the challenges to treating patients;

• Chris’s emotional reactions to witnessing life in Nepal with hemophilia;

• Chris’s ongoing training and preparation for Everest;

• Families enrolled in sponsorship programs through Save One Life, an international hemophilia charity that Chris supports.

On Everest, Chris:

• Training, preparing, and acclimatizing at Base Camp;

• Chris's difficult goodbye to his wife, who accompanied him on the trek to Base Camp;

• Chris excitedly meeting the experienced and impressive members of his climbing team;

• The effects that high altitude mountaineering has on the body of someone with hemophilia;

• Chris managing pressure as he receives messages of support and encouragement from the global hemophilia community;

• Chris nearly turning around but pushing on and reaching the top of the world's tallest mountain.