Please read, we promise this is quick and will save a bunch of time for both of us :)

I’d like to book a screening for my chapter, pharmacy, advocacy group, etc. How can I book the film for a screening?

We are not soliciting additional chapters or companies to partner with on screening the film in 2019. We’ve been overwhelmed with the beautiful and inspiring community response and we are committed to creating a plan for 2019 that ensures the film reaches the community. However, at this time, we are not accepting or responding to additional screening requests. This DOES NOT mean your community will miss the film, it just means we’re continuing to work internally on our screening schedule and are not looking to connect with additional outside partners right now.

But, I’m a chapter ED, or pharmacy owner, or advocate, and it would be great to screen the film for my constituents!

We completely understand, and as a small team of dedicated artists who are committed to this community, we want you to know we, too, are excited and motivated to bring this film to your city. Heck, we’ve spent the last two years working extremely hard to make the film solely BECAUSE we want to bring the film to your city. So, we truly appreciate your patience and trust as we figure that out. Please stand by!

Should I just email Believe Limited team members to ask them directly about getting a screening in my community?

We humbly request your patience and trust as we work on our 2019 plan internally. Please do not reach out at this time. The best way to stay up to date is by signing up for our email list or following our Facebook and Instagram accounts for the film. We’re working tirelessly to get the film seen, and we will continue to use our email list and social properties to update you!